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The Perl World

Perl is one of the most powerful script languages in the computing world. It is commonly used in the Unix environment, especially in writing CGI scripts. Since I have learned Perl in 1997, I cannot stopped using it. All my utilities are written in Perl, even in the Windows environment.

Unfortunately, Perl is only for serious programmers. It can be very difficult to learn, especially the regular expressions.

Here I want to share with you some of my "useful" Perl utilies.

Perl Scripts

Scripts Comments
tracker This is a web site visitor tracker that can be placed at your web site. This scripts extracts character information from a BDF (bitmap Distribution Font) file into a Windows bitmap file. This scripts converts a xbm bitmap file to a windows bitmap file. This scripts retrieve a HTML page from the internet. This scripts display all the hexadecimal values of a given file.

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