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Web Site Visitor Tracker

This utility is to be placed in the web server to track the details of the visitors visiting your particular web site. The information being recorded are :

  • URL of web site being visited
  • The total number of visits
  • The visiting host
  • The browser and operating system used by the visitor
  • The web site that directs the visitor to you web site

The tracking process will not be noticed by the user at all. The visitor will only sees a regular image (image of your choice) that is part of your web site. All the information are stored in a file with today's date as the filename (e.g. 000127.txt) under the log directory.

System Requirement

Your web server or your web hosting company must be able to run Perl CGI script. There are some free web site hosting company such as Tripod that support CGI scripting.

The visiting browser must have JavaScript enabled, which is the default setting for most of the browsers.

This utility does NOT need Server Side Include (SSI).

Installation Instructions

Perform the following steps on your CGI directory.

  • Download this file.
  • Extract the downloaded file. Place everything under the your CGI directory.
  • Change the access right of the file footer.cgi to be world executable. (chmod 755 footer.cgi).
  • Replace the image with image of your choice
  • Create a sub-directory called "log" under your CGI directory.
  • Change the access right of the log directory to be world accessible. (chmod 777 log).

After you have done with all the above. Modify your web page to include the following lines.

<script language="JavaScript">
str = "<img src=\"/cgi-bin/footer.cgi?from=+-";
str = str + document.referrer;
str = str + "\">";
// -->

Congratulation. Installation is completed. Whenever someone visits your web page, his particulars will be recorded.

Langkawi Sunset