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Othello or Reversi is a popular board game. The objective of this game is to flip as many as possible the opponent's stones into the color that you are playing. In my Othello game, the computer is always playing white and you are playing black. This means you have to flip as many as possible the white stones into black stones.

You can only place a black stone in a square where there is at least one neighbouring white stone, and there must be another black stone at the other end of the neighbour white stone(s), either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Under this conditions, all the white stones in between of the newly placed black stone and the other black stones will be flipped to black stones.

When the game is started, you are given a chance to start the game. If you do not want to start first, you may press the pass button to let the computer to start the game. The most recent computer move is indicated by a red circle.

A word of warning, my othello is very intelligent. Think carefully before you place a stone. It is very difficult to beat my Othello.

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