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Emacs Binary Download

The easiest way is to download the binary executable of GNU Emacs directly from the following URL.

Emacs Compilation

But sometimes, there is a lot of fun in compiling Emacs yourself. You may need to do this if you need to modify Emacs source codes to suit your unique needs. You may download the source codes from the following URL.

After the source codes are downloaded, extract them into a directory say c:/tmp using gunzip and tar utilities from Cygwin. You may also use djtarnt.exe to extract the source codes as suggested by Emacs distribution. Do not use Winzip. You may get into some troubles that that is very difficult to debug. My experience is, using Winzip to extract the Emacs alone, there is no problem in compilation. However, if Emacs is compiled together with Leim package, the compilation will always fail.

I have only tried to compile GNU Emacs using the Visual C++ complier. Simply go to the directory where you have unzip the files and cd to the "nt" directory. The followings are the commands. The directory specified in the second command is the location where you want to install your Emacs.

> "\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\bin\vcvars32.bat"
> install c:\programs\emacs\

Very unfortunately I have found out that Emacs compilation cannot be accomplished using visual C++ compiler from .Net.

Emacs HOME Setting

By default, the HOME directory for Emacs is assumed to be at "C:\". If you do not mind the emacs files clustering at that directory, you may leave it that way. For me, I set the HOME directory to be at "D:\home".

The home directory can be set at "Control Panel" -> "System" -> "Advanced" -> "Environment Variables". For my case, I had added a user variable "HOME" with the value "d:\home".

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