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When I was first introduced to Emacs, I did not like it. It is too cryptic for a new software engineer like me. I was happy with Sun workstation's text editor.

One fine day, I decided to take a closely look at Emacs. After the steep learning curve. I started to like it. Due to the change in the working environment, I do not need to work on Unix anymore. But I continue to use Gnu Emacs on Microsoft Windows.

Here, I want to share with everyone the experiences that I have with Emacs, so that everyone can enjoy the real power of Emacs. I must also admit that I am no expert in Emacs. The information provided here is either copied from somewhere else or some simple lisp customization scripts that I have written.

My Wish List

Although I have been using GNU Emacs under Windows environment for a while. I have not found out everything yet. It will be great if someone brilliant can give some answers to my following difficulties.

  • How to customize Cscope for GNU Emacs for PC ?
  • How to perform file name completion while telneting to a remote host ?
  • I wish cygwin to have dircmp.
  • Use grep on remote machine through ange-ftp
  • Make cygwin able to run DOS batch file.
  • Make Gnu Emacs support IME for Chinese.
  • Solve the Emacs / Cygwin TTY Problem

Useful Emacs/Cygwin Links

Some wonderful information or tools that solve Emacs problems.

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