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Chinese Culture

The Chinese has more than five thousand years of history. Its culture is unique from a lot of aspects. Unfortunately, it is not very well documented or presented, especially the Chinese characters are not computer friendly. With my limited knowledge, I am presenting a small portion of it to benefit people who are interested in it.

Lunar Calendar

The Chinese have their own calendar. I have developed this utility that allows you to find a date in Chinese Lunar Calendar given a date in Gregorian Calendar.

Fortune Telling

There is a traditional Chinese method of fortune telling. It is well known by people in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. I have put in online so that everyone can try his or her luck.

Chinese Character Codes

There are a few Chinese encoding standards. I have generated some tables for the ease of referencing. This will be very helpful if you are developing Chinese softwares.

There are a few Chinese character tools that help you to examine Chinese characters with various encodings.

Chinese Poems

Chinese Poems

Langkawi Sunset