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Web Sailor's Sokoban on Psion

I have recently learned some Psion Application programming, you may want to try my Sokoban for Psion.

I have tested this game on Psion Series 5 and Series 5mx.

Since I am a poor man without Psion Revo, I did not test the software using Psion Revo. Thanks to Erkki Nieminen and Stephen Ornadel who have tested the software and given me their feedbacks.

A screen shot of the game is shown as below.

The goal of this game is to help a worker to push all crates into the stores. The worker is represented with a circle, the crates are represented with black boxes, the stores are represented with gray squares.

The worker's movement are controlled by the arrow keys on the Psion's keyboard.

Some constraints to be bear in mind are

  • The worker has just enough strength to push one crate.
  • The worker has not enough strength to pull any crate.

The latest version is 2.10. It has the following improvements over version 2.00 :

  • A bug at level 45 is fixed.
  • A bug related to the screen refreshing when undo menu item is selected.

Version 2.00 has the following improvements over version 1.00:

  • An increase to 50 levels
  • An undo buffer of the size of 10
  • Congratulation sound option upon completing a level
Download Sokoban 2.10 for Psion
Download Sokoban 2.10 for Psion Revo

If you have absolutely no idea what Sokoban is, play my Java Sokoban on line to feel the fun before downloading.

If you are a Palm Pilot user, Palm Pilot Sokoban is also available.


Special thanks to Alchemy Technology Sdn Bhd.

Also special thanks to the following people for reporting problems and giving valuable suggestions on this game :

  • Van Setten, Louis
  • Dan Laba
  • Thierry Degenne
  • Thierry Corti
  • Manfred PĆ¼rro

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