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Toto and Four D Avantgo Channel

Are you staying in Singapore ?

Are you thinking of striking lucky all the time ? If you are checking Toto or 4 D results very often, have you ever think of checking the results through your palm pilot ? Very unfortunately, Singapore Pools does not provide any avantgo channel.

But, let me show you how I can get the latest Toto and 4 D results on my palm Pilot.

Envy ? you too can have it. Somebody (not me) is kind enough to put the results together very promptly. Let me assure you, the results are as updated as the Singapore Pools web sites.

However this channel is created for the author's convenience, not for the public. If you have decided to use it. It will be at your own risk.


Since this is a customized channel, the channel settings have to be done manually. You have to log on to Avantgo to perform the settings.

- Location =
- Link Depth = 3
- Include Images = Yes

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