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Chinese Character Search

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Chinese Character Search

This utility allows you to search the codes of Chinese characters by specifying their Hanyu Pinyin.

It will be continous effort to make my database complete. It is extremely tedious to compile the complete pinyin list. At least it is now fully in compliant with the GB2312-80 pinyin standard.

The Chinese characters are displayed through gif file generated using PHP script. Thus, it is slower in loading. But the advantage is your computer does not need to have Chinese character installed to view this page. In addition, it can display both simplified and traditional Chinese characters regardless of the encoding format. I have spend a lot of time collecting the BDF font files, merging them to construct a complete Unicode font. I hope it will be useful to you.

The purpose of this utility is to help Chinese software developers to find Chinese codes easily. You will appreciate this if you are developing software for Chinese market.

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